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Payment processing for your business isn’t something that you want to spend a lot of time thinking about, but with some help from your team at Leaders Merchant Services, you can benefit from utilizing some of our value-added services, like our virtual terminal for credit card processing.

This solution uses unparalleled security and integrated fraud management tools to allow you to enter in credit card numbers by hand, or swipe credit cards on any device with a credit card reader and internet connection.

What a virtual terminal for credit card processing allows you to do is to eliminate the need for a specific credit card reader, and instead you can use any computer, smartphone, or tablet that you want. This is a much better choice for many people who would otherwise be dealing with a complicated, faulty reader that can be slow to operate.

A virtual terminal for credit card processing is also just one of the many features that we offer with our service. You will love the different options that you get when you choose Leaders Merchant Services for your credit card processing needs. Not only do you get fast service and capable support, but you also get the choice and flexibility that aren’t always available at other companies.

Our virtual terminals are backed by the highest levels of security: PCI compliance. This is required by any business that accepts credit cards, and all of our payment processing solutions are backed with this necessary security measure.

If you are looking for a better way to process credit card payments at your business, then our virtual terminal for credit card processing is a great choice for you. Click on the link above now to get started with opening an account today.

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