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Why using a credit card swiper for iPhone at farmers’ markets makes sense

The iPhone is a ubiquitous piece of technology that allows you to do any number of things, from keeping in touch with friends and family to helping you manage your business.

That’s right – the iPhone, and its larger cousin, the iPad, are a business’s best friend. You can use them to tackle your accounting, manage your schedule, and even to take credit card payments for your business.

When you are out at a farmers’ market, for example, using a credit card swiper for iPhone allows you to easily take credit cards, and it puts that functionality in a device that fits in your pocket, and one which you would have most likely had with you anyway.

This offers you a number of options to help create a better experience for your customers. First of all, taking credit cards is the fastest way to a customer’s heart. After all, who wants to carry cash around with them all the time? It’s bulky, and it can be stolen from you easily. Unlike a credit card, in the event of a theft there is no recourse for you to recover your lost money.

From using an iPhone to allowing your business to accept credit cards online, Leaders Merchant Services is committed to helping your business succeed. We feel that the amount of options that you have to take credit cards should only be limited by the needs of your business, not the capabilities of your California merchant services company. We have developed a whole host of solutions for you to manage your credit card processing needs, and to delight your customers with better and more efficient payment offerings. If you’re interested in learning more about our service or our capabilities, click the button above to get a free quote.

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