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Here’s what some of our Valued Customers have to say!

Leaders has been our merchant services provider for many years and we couldn’t be any happier with our decision. Professionalism was on display with LEADERS at every turn and I was made to feel very important.

Anytime we need assistance or have any questions, their level of support and personal touch is unmatched. I would recommend their service to any business looking for a long term relationship with their processor.

Shelley, Newbury Park, CA

The easiest and most accessible merchant service provider I have worked with. They are always just a phone call or e-mail away and will work to solve any issues you may have. We have been very pleased with their service.

If you are looking for better service, 24/7 responsiveness, a sense of urgency from your credit card processor and reducing your credit card processing costs, then you are at the right place, go with Leaders!

Lyle, Newbury Park, CA

All of us here at One Ton Bag and GardenMark Landscape Solutions want to thank you for your help in converting us to Leaders Merchant Services. From your original quote through implementation and assistance with questions, your service has been excellent.

We also notice that with your company our transactions are going through much faster in the store. As a high volume store, we can definitely recommend you to any business.

Ami, Hoboken, NJ

More and more customers choose Leaders as the
clear choice for their credit card processing needs!

It was a true pleasure talking to you yesterday. It was great receiving the installation call and the email within 24 hours of our initial conversation and setting up the merchant service account so quickly! I will keep your services in mind to refer to companies in need of your services. My business means a lot to me and every component of it should add effectiveness, innovation and efficiency. Thanks again!We also notice that with your company our transactions are going through much faster in the store. As a high volume store, we can definitely recommend you to any business.
Francine, Maplewood, NJ
I’ve been working with Merchant service processors for more than 10 years and I just have to say, WOW!! I just transferred my Merchant accounts to Leaders with the help of my account representative and It was super fast, easy and the cost savings is FANTASTIC! In under a half hour I was able to transfer my account and sign docs online. Super handy and Great Customer Service!!
Kristen, Redmond, WA
To this day I still remember how helpful you were when I first got set up, and my experience with Leaders has been just as excellent every time since. I greatly appreciated that you sold me my merchant terminal so that I can always take it with me, and last week you all tremendously came to my aid in time for me to open my new store. On top of that the rates you charge me have been so Inexpensive I do not enforce a minimum purchase to pay with credit cards, and my customers really enjoy that. Quite frankly, I would recommend Leaders to everyone and I do so all the time!
Matthew , Denver, CO
My experience with you and Leaders has been nothing short of excellent! I have referred you several times and everyone else has also been impressed with what you do. I actually get a response when I'm told you will, if you don't have the answer you tell me so and then go and get the answer. I can only hope that you never go away, because it truly is a pleasure working with you. I give you 5 stars only because that is the highest rating I can give-but you deserve a 10!
Scott, Bush , LA