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There has been an influx of improvements to the technology used to process credit card transactions over the past few years. One of the most interesting for mobile businesses is the ability to use an iPhone or Android smartphone as a credit card reader. This allows a business without a storefront to take credit card transactions easily, no matter where they are.

That being said, your business may want to consider using a mobile credit card reader for customer transactions, even if all your business is done at a fixed location.

An iPhone Credit Card Reader Is Faster and Easier for Your Customer

One reason why many stores are thinking about using an iPhone credit card reader is that it offers a better customer experience. For stores that rely on foot traffic, providing a good customer experience can be a great differentiator. If you regularly assist customers in your store, you can more easily close a sale by pulling a credit card reader out of your pocket then by directing a customer to a fixed register.

Being able to check out your customer while you are assisting them is also much faster, which allows them to quickly make a purchase and go about their day. Making things faster and easier for them will leave them with a better opinion of your business.

Your Mobile Credit Card Reader Can Streamline Your Operations

If you’re currently relying on an older POS system and credit card reader to take payments from customers, you can speed up the pace of your transactions and automate part of the operational aspect of your business by upgrading to mobile credit card readers. Something like the Clover POS can integrate with your bookkeeping and inventory management systems to give you a 360° view of your business, which is regularly updated with new information.

Another alternative is to use an iPad credit card reader that has much of the same functionality.

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