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Should Real Estate Appraisers Use Mobile Credit Card Processing?

Appraisal services are an important part of the real estate purchase and sale process. While we might have an idea of what the value of a home is, an appraisal service will give you an estimate that you can take to the bank, sometimes literally. Getting a good estimate on the value of a home can save you thousands of dollars, or it can help you identify when you should be purchasing a home and when to wait a little longer.

As an appraiser, your job is to get your customers an accurate idea of the value of your home, and by necessity, most of that work is done outside of the office. That being said, credit card processing is still an important part of the process, because it allows you to take payments from customers after a successful inspection is completed. Additionally, you can allow customers to set up an inspection and to pay you ahead of time so that you don’t have to worry about getting payment from them before or after the inspection is completed.

There are plenty of ways to take credit card payments on the job site as well, including using an easy-to-carry iPhone credit card reader and other mobile credit card machines. One particularly interesting credit card machine that we regularly recommend to customers is the Clover point of sale system, which is highly detailed and easy to use, and also available in a small, mobile form factor as well.

We’re always happy to walk you through the benefits of using different types of credit card machines, and we have a team that will help you make that decision. Learn more about our different credit card processing services and what makes us a truly special merchant account provider by signing up for an account today!

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