DUAL-COMM Ethernet-Ready Contact and Contactless models available



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Put the power of secure electronic payment directly into customer hands

Independent merchants are often the most innovative, hard-working and customer-focused retailers in business,

yet they usually struggle to appear as technologically up-to-date as their larger multilane competitors. Now,

banks and merchant services can offer these independent merchants a customer-facing PIN Pad that pairs with

Ingenico’s standalone countertop devices. The result is seamless performance, optimum transaction rates, and

improved consumer confidence and satisfaction.

Ingenico’s iPP220, used in conjunction with the popular countertop iCT250 or iCT220, gives merchants the ability

to accept PIN-entry and contactless payments through a proven plug-and-play device. Designed especially for

today’s marketplace, the iPP220 is compact, rugged, and easy to use for merchants and consumers alike.

The iPP220’s unique add-on design makes it an affordable hardware investment. Dependable performance and

top transaction speeds guarantee enhanced checkout efficiency.

Merchants get effortless access to a full menu of payment applications, and consumers gain the added assurance

of PIN protection and privacy. Those are powerful advantages for all your merchant customers.

As the industry leader in payment technology, Ingenico offers solutions that maximize security and performance, while adding real value for retailers and consumers alike. In demanding retail environments, Ingenico’s iPP220 is the most convenient, most reliable PIN entry device on the market.


• Crypto processor Booster (ARM7),50 MIPS


• Internal 512 K Flash, 96K SDRAM


• Telium 2


• Monochrome 2 lines of 16 characters


• 15 keys, raised marking 4 functional keys


• Buzzer


• USB device USB2.0 – Device

Power supply

• Powered USB 5V 500 mA


• l x w x d 5.2 x 2.9 x 1.4″ (132 x 74 x 37 mm)


• 5.1 oz (145 g)


• Operating temperature 41°F to 104°F

• Storage temperature -4°F to 131°F

• Relative humidity 85% HR at 104°F

Optional privacy shield

• PCI compliant Additional privacy shield

• ZKA, PCI+ compliant Factory option

PCI PIN transaction security


Proven security

Ingenico’s industry-proven core technology ensures that the iPP220 delivers the ultimate in secure data transmission. Fully EMV and PCI PTS V3 certified, iPP220 series supports the latest international security algorithms, including DES, TDES, RSA, DUKPT and Master/Session. An optional PIN privacy shield offers added peace of mind for you and your customers

Outstanding performance

Built around Ingenico’s advanced Telium 2 architecture and EMV level 2 kernel, the iPP220 processes at the highest speeds, delivering fast, secure transactions. Tamper-resistant, tamper-responsive components and digital end-to-end encryption technologies protect sensitive cardholder data throughout the entire transaction.

Easily integrated with Ingenico’s iCT220 or iCT250, the iPP220 increases the security and versatility of the merchant payment system by adding the ability to seamlessly accept PIN-entry and contactless payments. iPP220 delivers constant speed, security and availability, regardless of transaction volume.

Compact design

Lightweight yet rugged, the iPP220 fits neatly and cleanly into any merchant environment. Its easy installation and intuitive operation make it convenient and comfortable to use. With a large keypad with raised-symbol menu and navigation keys and a crisp LCD display, the iPP220 makes secure customer input virtually effortless.

Comprehensive services

Ingenico provides a comprehensive range of update and management services for all its hardware and software products. Fully certified professionals and local-language helpdesks operate worldwide to support our customers. Ask how our services can lower your total cost of ownership and maximize your equipment investment.