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Your Dry Cleaning Service Deserves Better Credit Card Processing

Dry cleaning is a difficult business, as you’re regularly dealing with customers’ expensive clothes, and there is limited room for slip-ups or mistakes. Even a single mistake can result in a lost customer, so it’s essential that any dry cleaning business take the time to invest in the right tools to ensure a great customer experience.

Leaders Merchant Services can help you do that by providing you with the tools that you need to help you manage your business. This includes assisting you with setting up simple credit card processing, but we can do much more to help you improve, grow, or streamline your business.

Upgrading your technology with a new retail POS system

The first thing that many of our customers choose to do is to upgrade their computer systems to a new retail POS system that is built to cater to dry cleaning businesses. There are many different point of sale systems on the market, so we will help you pick out the right one for your business. Our recommendations aren’t just based on choosing from the few point of sale systems that might work for businesses like yours. We listen to the needs of your business and make a recommendation for a POS system that will cater to those exact problems.

Integrating online portals and more

Another way that you can set your business apart from others is by building out an online presence. While you might already have a website, and your business likely shows up on business review sites like Yelp, building out an online portal to allow customers to pay for services or to check on their orders is a great way for you to improve the experience for customers and to give them a place to visit to learn more about your business. We can help you set up online credit card processing that will allow you to quickly process payments online, and create a more functional portal for customers.

Leaders Merchant Services is the only company that you want to trust to help you better integrate credit card processing into your business. Learn more about us by visiting our website today.

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