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Credit Card Processing for Shoe Shine Stands

There are few businesses that are truly recession proof, but a shoe shining business comes close, and that’s because it’s a service business that has a regular customer base who cares about the shoes that they wear every day. Your business thrives on the ability to provide a great, fast service to customers, and part of that is making sure that payment is a breeze. If you’re still a cash-only business, then you should rethink your approach, as credit card processing is an incredibly easy addition to any business with a either fixed or variable location.

Finding the right merchant services equipment is important, and having something as easy as a credit card swiper for iPhone is a great way for you to process customer payments quickly, even while they are still getting their shoes shined!

If you sell any accessories or cleaning products, as most stores do, then you’ll also want your credit card equipment to allow you to track your inventory and provide clear, concise reporting that shows you the profits for the day, and the amount of inventory that you have available at any given time. While this can be calculated without the use of an automated Clover point of sale system, why waste your time?

Leaders Merchant Services can help you modernize your shoe shine business while simplifying customer payment mechanisms and making the task of running your business much easier on you. We’re a merchant account service that makes the business of processing credit cards easier, no matter what type of business you run. We also simplify the task of picking out credit card processing systems as well, so that don’t have to stress about whether your credit card processing equipment is right for your business. If you’d like to learn more about our service, then get in touch with us today to sign up for an account.

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