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There are plenty of retail establishments that can benefit from better credit card processing and more advanced credit card machines, but sporting goods stores have a few reasons to get the best credit card machine and POS system that they can find. While other stores may have serious inventory difficulties, sporting goods stores not only have a variety of seasonal inventory that needs to be properly managed, but they also have a need for a system that will allow for short term rentals of equipment as well.

The demo business of many sporting goods stores is extremely important, as it lets you get added value from your inventory during a season, and then you can sell that inventory after the season is over to improve on your profit margin. Managing all of this requires a serious process, and this is something that a Clover point of sale system can easily help you with.

This system is one that allows you to manage disparate inventory types and a range of SKUs, and the Clover register POS system is available in a variety of form factors, including mobile equipment as well.

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