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Leaders Merchant Services is proud to offer Clover Point-of-Sale (POS) systems for our clients. These highly advanced Clover POS systems are designed to manage all of your point-of-sale needs.

Clover POS systems overview

Clover POS systems offer the following features:

  • A fully scalable range of POS systems
  • On-site, mobile, and compact POS systems and POS terminals
  • Easy to configure to your business needs
  • Site-friendly and designed to minimize cable clutter
  • Easy to update and use anywhere
  • Takes all credit cards, including NFC Transactions (Customers using Mobile Wallets like Apple Pay and others) and EMV Transactions (EMV chips are on most Credit and Debit Cards today)
  • Expandable apps through Clover App Marketplace

The big business advantages of Clover POS systems

Clover POS systems are specifically designed to cover all bases for practical business operations. These advanced POS systems can handle virtually any type of payment in virtually any business environment. Clover POS systems are designed for high performance, cost-efficiency, and are fully scalable for any type of business.

Choosing your Clover POS system

Your Clover POS system comes fully configured and ready to start operations. You can adjust and add capabilities according to your needs. The major question for businesses when choosing a Clover POS system is which Clover system is right for their operational requirements.

Leaders Merchant Services provides a full range of Clover POS systems for our clients. Do you need:

  • A do-everything full sized Clover POS system – perfect for traditional brick and mortar locations with higher traffic?
  • A do-everything Clover Mini POS system – perfect for traditional brick and mortar locations where space is of a concern?
  • A go-anywhere Clover Mobile POS system – perfect for mobile businesses and high traffic retail locations that want to perform line busting in order to move customers through the check-out process?
  • All the above?

Whatever type of system you need for your business, Leaders Merchant Services can help provide the perfect package to meet your needs.

Leaders Merchant Services Clover POS systems support

We provide 24/7/365 technical support for our clients. Expect fast, efficient and friendly service from us whenever you need help.

Want to know more about Clover POS systems?

To find out more about Clover POS systems, just call us. We’ll be happy to provide all the guidance and technical information you need.

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