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How you can create a better payment process for your business

There are some businesses even today that take payment by antiquated methods, preferring cash, check, or using invoicing.

While all of these options allow you to take payments from customers, they aren’t necessarily the easiest way for your customers to pay you. First off, they’re a clunky way to take payments, often requiring your customers to make changes to how they would prefer to pay you in order to work with your business. On top of that, it makes it hard for you to actually get paid, often requiring that you deposit checks and cash at a bank, which poses a number of security issues and other problems.

Instead, it’s easy to implement a more streamlined process by using a combination of credit card processing and online invoicing that can be far easier on your business and on your customers.

Set up your credit card processing system

First off, you’ll want to have a way to take credit card payments from your customers while you are out on a job. The best way to do this is by using credit card processors that you already take with you everywhere: your smartphone. You can get a credit card swiper for iPhone that will connect directly onto your iPhone (or that of one of your employees), allowing your customers to pay you quickly, using their preferred payment method.

Set up an recurring billing service

If your business offers any ongoing services, then you can set up a recurring payment system that utilizes online credit card processing to take customer payments without messy invoicing or other billing arrangements. It’s better for your customers, and it’s better for your business.

Streamline your merchant account system

The best part about this system is that, while it takes a little bit of time to set up, it makes it much easier for you to take payment from your customers quickly and easily, and it limits the risk that your employees would otherwise have to bear by carrying around cash or checks with them while on the job.

Leaders Merchant Services can help you create this type of payment processing system for your business. We are committed to helping you grow and improve your business today. Learn more about our merchant account services by clicking the button at the top of the page to get a free quote.

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