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Merchant Accounts for Vertical Integration

One of the more interesting ways that you can grow your business today is through the vertical integration of your operation, either by acquiring a company that you supply with products or services or by acquiring one that provides products or services to you. This can be a great business decision, but it requires that you lean heavily on all available Business Intelligence (BI) information that you have available.

It may not seem obvious, but this is a great place for Leaders Merchant Services to help, and we work with all of our merchant account services clients to make sure that they have the necessary information to drive key business decisions like vertical integration.

For example, when it comes to merging with a supplier that provides you with a specific product, you need to know whether that will be a worthwhile combination, and that’s something that you need real-time data to determine for yourself. We can help make sure that you have the right POS system and other services in place to provide this data on an ongoing basis, giving you real-time inventory management capabilities that can help you forecast the profitability of making such an investment in your business.

Similarly, if you are considering taking your business online, competing with companies that you currently supply, you need to know that you have the best credit card processing capabilities to do so. Being able to accept credit cards online is a complex task, but it’s something that we can easily set your business up to do, and give you advice on how to do this effectively without taking away resources from other areas of your business. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get the most benefit from vertically integrating your business, then get in touch with us today to learn more or sign up with us to get started now.

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