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Why Auto Parts Shops Should Offer Credit Card Processing

Why Auto Parts Shops Should Offer Credit Card Processing Your business involves selling auto parts, but like most businesses today, you’re there to serve your customers. Auto part retail is a notoriously customer-centric business, with many stores becoming the go-to place for customers to shop for their auto parts. This boils down to a mix [...]

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Why a Clover POS System is Right for Your General Store

Clover POS system: A General Store’s Best Friend While many businesses are easily fit into a specific box, the general store is anything but a traditional retail establishment. The allure of a general store is that you can find all types of things there, but this can be a serious hassle for owners who need [...]

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Mobile Credit Card Processing & iPhone credit Card Readers for Real Estate Appraisers

Should Real Estate Appraisers Use Mobile Credit Card Processing? Appraisal services are an important part of the real estate purchase and sale process. While we might have an idea of what the value of a home is, an appraisal service will give you an estimate that you can take to the bank, sometimes literally. Getting [...]

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Credit Card Processing & Clover POS Systems for Auto Dealers

An auto dealership might seem like a strange place for you to use credit card processing, but interestingly enough, processing credit cards can dramatically improve your customer experience. This is a trend that can be particularly true for auto dealers, because using credit cards is relatively new, even though the technology has been around for [...]

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Clover Point of Sale Credit Card Processing for Sporting Goods

There are plenty of retail establishments that can benefit from better credit card processing and more advanced credit card machines, but sporting goods stores have a few reasons to get the best credit card machine and POS system that they can find. While other stores may have serious inventory difficulties, sporting goods stores not only [...]

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Mobile Credit Card Processing & POS Systems for Handyman Businesses

You’ve always been good with your hands, so it only makes sense that you would have a business that fixes things for others. When you’re there to do it all, and you’re great at what you do, taking payments from customers has always seemed harder than it should be. Sure, you still get paid, but [...]

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Credit Card Processing for Your Private Chef Service

The private chef business is one where it’s extremely important for you to cater to your customers wishes, and not just by creating amazing food for them to enjoy. Making it easy for your customers to book appointments and to pay you for your service is incredibly important, and Leaders Merchant Services makes this dead [...]

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Credit Card Processing with and iPad Credit Card Reader for Medical Spas

Medical spas are one of the fastest growing businesses in the United States today. This makes sense, because they cater to one of the biggest needs that our aging population has, which is the need to look and feel younger. Running a medical spa involves providing the cutting-edge services that your clients want, but also [...]

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Credit Card Payment Processing for Tour Companies

As a tour company, your goal is to make sure that your customers have an excellent experience during their trip with you. Part of this is ensuring that every aspect of the trip is handled smoothly, and that includes their payment processing. For tour companies, implementing online payment processing is a great decision, because it [...]

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An iPad Credit Card Reader for Credit Card Payment Processing

We live in a society where we’re constantly trying to do more with our time, and that has created the need for faster ways of doing everything from getting our lunch to grabbing coffee in the morning. Your coffee truck is a fast way for customers to do just that, but if you aren’t offering [...]

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