About Leaders

Leaders Merchant Services is a California-based company which specializes in credit and debit card processing for companies of all sizes. We serve, with pride, thousands of merchants in all fifty states. We are one of the fastest growing payment providers of credit and debit card based transactions in the country. Our payment processing services enable merchants to process both traditional card-present, or “swiped” transactions, as well as card-not-present, or “keyed” transactions.

For more information call us at 800-220-4143.

Leaders Merchant Services is committed to excellence in all aspects of our merchant services relationships. We offer competitive rates for your credit card processing needs and a wide variety of credit card terminals. Our company has one of the largest Chargeback and Fraud Departments in the industry, providing our clients with the highest level of service and protection for their merchant accounts. We`re here 24/7/365 to ensure merchant satisfaction and rapid problem resolution. Retail, home based, mail-order, or internet; we do it all.