Authorize.Net offers several methods for connecting Web sites and point-of-sale (POS) systems to the payment gateway for submitting transactions. Web merchants can choose the method that is right for them, according to their customization requirements. Retail and mobile merchants integrate to the payment gateway via third-party hardware and software solutions that have been certified to Authorize.Net’s security and performance standards.

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Advanced Integration Method (AIM) Implementation Guide

Authorize.Net recommends Web merchants implement AIM, a highly secure, merchant-initiated server-to-server connection for submitting transactions to the payment gateway. AIM provides merchants with a high degree of control over each phase of the customer’s online transaction experience, including the payment form and receipt page.

  • Employs industry standard secure data encryption technology — 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol.
  • Uses transaction key authentication for ultimate security.
  • Allows control over all phases of the customer’s online transaction experience.
  • Configurable transaction response integrates easily with merchant applications.

The Simple Integration Method (SIM) is ideal for Web merchants with basic customization needs. The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway can handle all the steps in the secure transaction process — payment data collection, data submission and the response to the customer — while keeping Authorize.Net virtually transparent.

  • Payment gateway hosted payment form employs 128-bit SSL data encryption.
  • Digital fingerprints enhance security, providing multiple layers of authentication.
  • Customize the look and feel of the payment gateway hosted payment form and/or receipt page.

Certified Shopping Carts

Choosing an Authorize.Net certified shopping cart to connect to the payment gateway can be an ideal solution for merchants with minimal Web development resources or capabilities. Shopping carts are Internet companies that provide payment form solutions for merchant Web sites.

  • Provides the security of an AIM implementation with minimal Web development.
  • Assures compliance with Authorize.Net security and performance standards.
  • Choose from over 92 certified solutions.

MOTO merchants can submit transactions by logging into the Authorize.Net Merchant Interface and keying information into our Virtual Terminal, or by using our Batch Upload tool.

  • Virtual Terminal and Batch Upload are standard features of the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway.
  • A single payment gateway account allows for multiple users across your network or call center.
  • The AIM and SIM connection methods

In most cases, retail and mobile merchants simply purchase a certified, ready-to-install POS solution or device that is integrated to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. Technical integration is typically handled by the POS solution provider that sells the POS system to the merchant, and may include hardware manufacturers, software companies and value-add resellers. Authorize.Net maintains a POS Solutions Directory for your convenience. Merchants interested in integrating directly to the payment gateway can use the Card Present connection method.

  • Authorize credit card transactions in as little as three seconds, improving customer satisfaction by speeding up checkout lines.
  • Internet Protocol (IP) based transaction processing reduces telecom expenses by eliminating multiple dedicated telephone lines.
  • Increase productivity by simplifying the integration of payment information into your proprietary applications.

The Merchant Interface is a secure Web site that allows merchants to manage transactions, configure their account settings, view account statements, generate reports and more. It is available from any computer with an Internet connection and Web browser—you never need to download or install any software.

  • Manage Your Transactions – Submit, review, or void transactions. Use the Virtual Terminal to enter payments or issue refunds. Submit multiple transactions in a single file using the Batch Upload feature. You can also search transaction history based on date, credit card number, customer name, and other fields.
  • Configure Your Account – Configure the way transactions are handled, including security settings and transaction responses. You can also sign up for value-adding services and important announcements.
  • Review Account Activity – Reconcile payment and billing activity using online reports and statements. Generate and download reports on settled, declined, and returned transactions. View your Authorize.Net billing statement and payment history.