Leaders merchant services

LEADERS does its absolute best to provide a robust set of services to help your business grow. These services include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Debit, CheckPoint check services, Premium Customer Care and much, much more. For more information, Get a FREE quote for a Merchant Account Now! We have a very fast and easy approval process.

CheckPoint - Wouldn’t it be great to avoid bounced check losses? Our check assurance program, CheckPoint, is the best in the business. You no longer need to worry about bounced checks. With CheckPoint, you can choose paper check guarantee, or, the latest technology, Electronic Check Conversion (ECC). ECC allows you to process checks just like credit cards. Insert the check in your check reader and give the check back to the customer. The funds will be transferred into your account. In addition, if an ECC transaction “bounces”, you will be reimbursed the face value of the check, and not incur any bounced check fees.

American Express – Accepting this premium “charge” card is essential for all businesses. American Express cardholders have very high credit limits and spend more than the average credit card user. American Express cardholders also accumulate mileage points and insist on using their American Express card.

VISA/MasterCard – These cards are the most commonly used business and personal credit cards in the United States.  Whether the card is connected to a checking account (i.e. “check card”), is a regular consumer credit card, accumulates rewards, or is issued for a business, there are very few consumers that do not have a VISA or MasterCard in their wallet.

Discover – These cardholders are very loyal to Discover and prefer this card over all others. Discover cards have a very rewarding cash back program and low interest rates for their users. Accepting Discover is a must for all merchants!

PIN-Based Debit Cards – Accepting PIN-based debit cards is the 21st century way to do business. While debit cards may be processed as a credit card, at credit card rates, using a pinpad with a debit card means: 1) no required signature, 2) lower processing fees [in many circumstances], 3) extremely low risk of chargeback, and 4) the needs of the customer are met.

Premium Customer Care – PCC represents the ultimate in merchant concierge services. One low monthly fee provides an array of valuable benefits including: a lifetime warranty on equipment purchased or leased from LEADERS, free supplies (excluding shipping costs), free loaner equipment, priority status for technical support, and special discounts on peripheral equipment. If you opted out of our Premium Customer Care Program on your merchant pre-application, we urge you to join today! The benefits are in effect as long as you are a member of PCC.

iAccess – This exciting tool allows you to view all of your merchant account activity online 24/7/365. We think it is the best in the business, and if ready access to your account information is important to you, try iAccess. The first month is free!

Manual Imprinters- Visa/MasterCard regulations require a receipt for all face-to-face bankcard transactions. If your terminal should fail, you should have a manual imprinter as a backup. Rent one from us for a low monthly fee, and we will include supplies at no extra charge.

Business Cash Advances – Do you need some extra funds to grow your business? Would you like to invest in advertising? Inventory? Or do you just need additional working capital? We can help! If you have been in business over 9 months and have been processing credit cards for at least 6 months, you most likely qualify for a business cash advance! There are no upfront costs and we can get you funded in about 10 days. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business to what you’ve dreamed! Call the LEADERS Funding Department today at 866-811-7653.